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Wheel Nut Indicator

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Checkpoint wheel nut indicators provide a clear indication of nut movement. Sold in packs of 50.

Checkpoint® is a loose wheel nut indicator that is used by the transport industry to enhance fleet safety by allowing accurate monitoring for loose wheel nuts and overheating. It also helps prevent wheel hub damage or the loss of a road wheel should a wheel nut loosen.

A cost-effective solution reducing maintenance costs and saving time.

The Checkpoint® is fixed to the wheel nut by gripping the six corners of the hexagon of the wheel nut. When the wheel is being fitted out the Checkpoint pointers should be aligned and set in a recognisable pattern.

Should a wheel nut loosen off, the Checkpoint® has no option but to move with the nut and so break the pattern, thus indicating the wheel nut has begun to loosen.

The world's first Bio-Degradable* Wheel Nut Indicators

Some of the current recyclable checkpoint products are available now as a biodegradable version and all should be biodegradable by the end of 2021, saving the planet from over 200 tonnes of plastic waste each year. 

The costs will remain the same, so you can enjoy going green without paying a penny more!

Checkpoint are the only manufacture of Bio-Degradable and Recyclable wheel nut indicators.

* ASTM D5511 tested for enhanced bio-degradation in biologically active landfills

To find out more and check which products are available now as bio-degradable, please contact us on 01543 897505

Please check size before ordering.

The size refers to the ‘across the flats’ dimension of the wheel nut hexagon in millimetres.


Melt temperature is 125ºC

Material: High-grade virgin polymer

Colours: Fluorescent Yellow or Red

Sold in packs of 50 wheel nut indicators

Sized in Millimetre (mm) 17mm to 50mm


We can also provide the Checkpoint wheel nut Indicator that is designed to withstand a higher temperature of 165ºC, please contact us on 01543 897 505.

If you require other products in the Checkpoint range of wheel safety products like the Checkpoint SQ, Checklink or Safewheel (a wheel nut retaining ring), please get in touch. 

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