Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

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Lloyd Morgan Group's  Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

Designed for use in the Food and Health Care Industries - ideal to help the control &  prevention  of virus  & infections being spread

75% Alcohol Content** 

**  Alcohol Content as follows

60ml - Liquid only at present -  Third Party Brand 72% Alcohol - Part of previous stock Batch

500ml - Gel - Own Brand 75% - New Stock Batch

1 Ltr - Gel  - Own Brand 75%  - New Stock Batch

5Ltr - Gel  - Own Brand 75%  - New Stock Batch

Images used are of the 500ml Bottles and other sizes may vary in appearance

Manufactured for Lloyd Morgan Group by an Approved Licensed Agent

We would like to highlight some information that we have come across a lot in the last few weeks.   

There are a lot of sub-standard for virus protection hand sanitisers being made available but this is not being made apparent when purchasing them – but we would like to draw peoples attention to some facts. 

Alcohol free sanitisers are not the most effective options of sanitiser available on the market.

The CDC recommend that sanitisers to fight a virus must have a alcohol content and it must be at least 60%, however that is a base minimum for usual viruses and the higher the content the more effective the sanitiser will be with this Virus. 

We are only selling sanitiser equal to or of in excess of 70% alcohol content, our usual supply is 75% but this may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer– please check what you are buying as not all sanitisers are equal.