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Checkthread Kit B

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Checkthread® kit is a set of tools to facilitate the monitoring of wheel stud quality and stud hole integrity, as well as determine the correct nut type to be used with the wheel.

Checkthread® is used when servicing wheels to help raise awareness of the importance of wheel security to highlight problems to reduce the risk of accidents.

Poor quality, stretched, damaged or ill-fitting studs can be a cause of loose wheel nuts and/or a wheel detachment. Equally if one or more stud holes are below the required standard, the security of the wheel could be compromised.

We recommend that a thread tester is used on every stud when servicing a wheel as it can highlight problems that are not necessarily obvious under initial visual observation. Some companies choose to use the thread testers as a ‘spot check’ quality test for studs or test a portion of the studs as standard such as two studs per wheel.

Included in the kit

Four Standard Checkthread® Testers: M18, M20, M22 and Volvo 7/8 UNF-14

Used for monitoring of wheel stud quality by highlighting any damages to threads

Stud Hole Elongation Tester: In size 21mm, 24mm, 26mm, 30mm, 32mm and 33mm

Used for identifying elongation and damage to wheel stud holes. Elongation and damage can occur over time as the stud creates friction/ heat against the wheel trim when the wheel rotates.

Spherical /Conical Tester:

Used for determining the type of stud hole seat on a wheel trim to ensure the user is aware of the correct wheel nut to use when fitting the wheel


Please note: Any specific manufacturers instructions on wheel fitment, torquing and servicing procedures should always be adhered to.


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