5-in-1 Disposable Car Interior Protection Kit Display Box of 50

  • Brand: Sealey
  • Product Code: CCSET550
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• Kit includes PE backed floor mat, disposable seat, steering wheel, handbrake and gear lever covers.
• Ideal for protecting the vehicle's interior from dirt, grease and oil whilst servicing, valeting or when bodyshop work is undertaken.
• Suitable for most cars and light commercial vehicles.

  • Model No CCSET550
  • Contents: Floor Mat - 80g + PE 15g; 500 x 380mm, Seat Cover - 13micron; 130 x 80mm, Steering Wheel Cover - 20micron; 100 x 130mm, Gear Lever Cover - 20micron; 140 x 145mm, Hand Brake Cover - 20micron; 90 x 170mm
  • Nett Weight: 2.39Kg
  • Pack Qty: Display Box of 50 Kits